25 Minute Body Contouring With SculpSure

Oh, what a world it is, where you can workout and diet but also melt away the additional fat that just won’t slim down in the process. No matter how much kale you eat or how many crunches you do, there are always a few little spots that need a touch-up, but liposuction may be too much for you. At SB Aesthetics, our goal is to provide our patients with the best options for nonsurgical cosmetic treatments to give you the results you’re hoping for with the least amount of recovery time and the most comfort. We want to introduce you to a new treatment device that health magazines, beauty bloggers, patients and physicians alike are raving about and that treatment is noninvasive laser fat reduction with SculpSure.

Why SculpSure compared to other fat reducing treatments?

Over the past few years, there have been a variety of fat reducing treatments in the cosmetic and plastic surgery fields that offer an alternative to liposuction. Although liposuction for patients that require extensive amounts of deeper fat tissue to be removed from the body for a variety of reasons is still a great option, this laser fat reduction treatment offers no downtime and recovery. SculpSure uses laser heat energy to shake up fat cell membranes to cause breakdown and healthy disintegration through your normal daily metabolic activities. We don’t have to give you the details on that, you know what we mean.

Since the body is quick to allow seamless heating of these fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues fairly quickly, SculpSure requires less time in treatment. Compared to other fat reduction devices used for freezing the fat, SculpSure takes a fraction of the time and requires less application. While other treatments such as CoolSculpting promise maybe twenty percent of subcutaneous fat reduction, SculpSure does much better over time with up to thirty percent. That’s a lot of extra fat!

How—it works, how long it takes, it’s applied and more…

Fat cells are best treated using heat since these little cells are packed with energy, and the metabolism can break them down making use of that energy given off during the process. The body is amazing and always uses any energy available to fuel something else working overtime. This fat reduction isn’t an instant process but takes some time to happen gradually, usually about six to 12 weeks for you to see the change. However, we will take pre-treatment photos, so you’ll see the difference in detail as it happens week by week. Others often require months to see any type of change in your tissues.

If you’ve got 25-minutes, then you have time for SculpSure. We recommend SculpSure to patients that understand the difference between fat reduction and fat loss as they’ve met their weight loss target. Our fat reduction treatment won’t shed pounds but inches off of your waistline. SculpSure will contour the body as the fat is reduced based on the placement of a few applicator tools that deliver the laser energy through the skin in under 25-minutes. The optimal treatment areas for SculpSure are the abdomen or love handles, under the arms, thighs and the chin. We can treat up to four sections of the body in these sessions which is out of this world because others only perform the reduction on one section at a time.

While SculpSure destroys fat cells in the body that sit on the surface causing asymmetry and undefined bulges, heat energy works on the dermal layer to tighten the skin at the same time by attacking old collagen and elastin fibers! Can you believe it, skin tightening and fat reduction? You’ll be happy with the results you see after one to four treatment sessions based on your consultation at SB Aesthetics. We know you’ll be on your workout game with more confidence than ever before because you’ll see progress in all the areas you’ve been working hard on over the years. It’s a new you this year, so melt off the inches with SculpSure!

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