What are the first features someone notices about you? Your eyes, your smile, your hair, your ears and — your nose. The nose is a distinguishing facial feature for everyone. It comes in many shapes and sizes — large and small, wide and thin, flat and curved — yet despite this incredible natural variety, the nose is a source of insecurity for many.

Fortunately, you do not have to live with a nose that makes you feel insecure, embarrassed or unattractive. A rhinoplasty with Dr. Christoper Verbin of South Bay Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center can turn that distinguishing feature into your most beautiful feature. Although rhinoplasty is among the most commonly requested procedures in the United States, it requires a skilled surgeon who excels in both the technical and artistic aspects of plastic surgery. Dr. Verbin is a plastic surgeon with the expertise needed to make your nose proportionate and aesthetically pleasing while retaining your natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous reasons why patients in Torrance and the surrounding areas of Southern California seek nose surgery. In some cases, it’s because they desire a nose they consider more attractive or more flattering for their face. In other cases, they desire correction of a medical issue. Rhinoplasty can also be performed for cosmetic and medical purposes at the same time. Whatever your reason, Dr. Verbin will make certain that your nose is appealing and functions optimally.

Rhinoplasty procedures are categorized as either cosmetic or functional. Receiving a rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes can be greatly beneficial if you are self-conscious about the appearance of your nose. The procedure can achieve a number of improvements depending on your specific concerns — such as removing a bump from the nasal bridge, straightening a crooked bridge, adding projection to a flat nasal tip, narrowing a wide bridge or changing the overall size of the nose to enhance facial harmony. By keeping your unique face shape in mind and focusing on accentuating your natural features, Dr. Verbin can sculpt your nose to be visibly pleasing and perfect for you.

Rhinoplasty can also be greatly beneficial for individuals who have struggled with years of uncomfortable nasal issues. A functional or medically necessary rhinoplasty may be performed to straighten a deviated septum, reduce snoring, correct congenital anomalies like a cleft lip or palate, or improve breathing for patients with nasal inflammation or chronic allergies. Issues caused by trauma or injury inflicted on the nose can also be corrected in a functional rhinoplasty procedure.

Before deciding whether a rhinoplasty is right for you, there are many factors to consider. These include:

Your Desired Outcome:

You must have reasonable goals and expectations. Specifically, you should not expect a nose job to completely change your life — only your appearance and self-confidence.

Your Age:

Though young people can have cosmetic nose surgery, it’s best to wait until your facial structures have stopped growing (around the late teens). Nose surgery may be recommended before this point if you have functional difficulties.

Your Motivations:

Don’t get a nose job because someone else wishes you to. You should only proceed if it’s something you want for yourself. A good candidate feels self-conscious about their nose and is seeking improvement, not perfection, in the way they look.

Your Health:

You should be in good health, both physically and mentally, before undergoing surgery. Ideally, you are a non-smoker. If you do smoke, you must be willing to quit for the recommended periods before and after your surgery.

Your Lifestyle:

Dr. Verbin will give you instructions regarding how to care for yourself before and after your nose surgery. These play a critical role in ensuring your safety, as well as a smooth recovery and beautiful results. You must be committed to following them closely, taking the recommended downtime and attending all follow-up appointments.

A consultation with Dr. Verbin is required before moving forward with the procedure. If he determines that you are a good candidate, you have many potential benefits to look forward to. These may include:

  • A change in the appearance of your nose that is flattering and natural
  • Improved facial balance and symmetry
  • Improved breathing through your nose
  • Correction of congenital abnormalities

Communication between the doctor and patient is essential in setting the goals of your rhinoplasty. A nose should provide you two functions: it should breathe well and be aesthetically pleasing. The same nose does not fit every person. For a good nose surgery result, the procedure must be precisely tailored to a patient’s preferences and the proportions of their face. When you choose Dr. Verbin for your rhinoplasty, you can feel confident that you will receive results made just for you.

Rhinoplasty is performed using two different techniques. Dr. Verbin will gauge which option is best for you depending on your anatomy and your surgical goals.

In a closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Verbin makes the necessary incisions inside of the nose. This approach leaves no visible scars after the procedure and may require less healing time. However, it limits the surgeon’s view and access to the structures of the nose. Because of this, the closed technique is usually used for less complex procedures when only minor corrections and reshaping are required.

In an open rhinoplasty, Dr. Verbin makes an incision along the narrow strip of skin between the nostrils (the columella). This approach affords the surgeon direct access to the underlying structures, offering both greater visibility and greater precision in making the necessary adjustments. Because of this, open rhinoplasty is often recommended for patients who desire more extensive reshaping of the nose. It’s also typically used for revision rhinoplasty that is performed to address complications or improve the cosmetic result of a previous nose surgery.

On the day of your procedure, medications will be given to ensure your comfort. Dr. Verbin will either recommend intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery and takes approximately one to three hours to complete. You can expect to go home the same day you receive your new and improved nose.

As with any surgery, some rest time will be required to allow your nose to properly recover. Immediately after the surgery, a splint will be placed in your nose to make sure it stays in place. Packing may also be placed inside of your nose and bandages will be used to hold the splint in place. Some bleeding and mucus discharge can be expected; however, the bandages and packing are put in place to absorb it. Plan to replace the absorbent materials several times throughout the day, depending on how often you experience discharge.

Rhinoplasty patients can expect to experience moderate discomfort for the first couple of weeks after surgery. Bruising and swelling will be noticeable. These responses are normal, but they can make it undesirable to be in work and social environments. Taking time away from your everyday activities is recommended. Dr. Verbin and his trained staff will provide you with proper care instructions following your surgery. Certain topical medications may be needed to reduce infection and oral medications may be taken to reduce pain. The degree of postoperative pain you experience will depend on your body’s natural tolerance as well as the extent of your surgery.

One week after surgery, the splint, bandages and packing can be removed. Your nose may still appear swollen afterward. In fact, because cartilage is slow to heal, it may take up to one year for your nose to fully recover and contour to its new shape. Swelling can be intermittent during this year of recovery. These fluctuations are normal. Although they can be frustrating, try to remain patient. Your nose will eventually settle into its new, beautiful look and you will be able to enjoy your final results for many years to come.

Follow-up appointments will be an integral part of your rhinoplasty recovery. These appointments allow Dr. Verbin to observe the healing of your nose. If you experience any cause for concern — such as an abnormal amount of bleeding, a fever, sharp pains in your head or increased swelling around your eyes — after your surgery, do not hesitate to call our office with questions.

Each year, thousands of men and women decide to improve their lives with rhinoplasty. While there are a number of reasons for considering nose surgery, there is one factor that is important no matter what: the choice of surgeon. Rhinoplasty is a complex and delicate procedure that demands a significant amount of surgical skill, artistic vision and attention to detail. Expertly executed nose surgery achieves results that enhance — not erase — your natural features.

Having performed over 10,000 procedures in his career, Dr. Verbin has the extensive experience required to give you a beautiful result. Dr. Verbin and the staff of South Bay Aesthetics Plastic Surgery are committed to fully understanding your concerns and desires, and to providing the highest standard of care before, during and after your rhinoplasty.

For more information regarding rhinoplasty, including 3D animation of how the procedure is performed, visit the American Society of Plastic Surgery’s website here.

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