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As a woman, your body will go through many changes over the course of your lifetime. Perhaps the most intense of these changes are childbirth and breastfeeding. Pregnancy transforms a woman’s body. Your body must change dramatically to accommodate a quickly growing child in utero. And after birth, these changes will continue and affect nearly every area of your body. Your breasts will also change, whether you choose to breastfeed or not. While your body’s amazing capabilities are truly remarkable, they can take an extreme toll on your physical appearance. And it can be extremely difficult for you to restore your body to its former look on your own afterward.

Your breasts and abdomen will often reflect these many changes the most. Delicate breast skin must stretch to accommodate swelling glandular tissue and breast muscles also can become elongated as the breasts increase in size, adapting to this stage of life. The abdomen also grows dramatically, stretching your skin to accommodate your placenta and growing child. While this is a wonderful time of life for almost all women, once your child has been born, sagging and loose skin will suddenly begin to become apparent in both these areas. You may not “feel like yourself” anymore and self-consciousness about your appearance may start to affect intimacy with your partner. You may also stop wearing clothes you once loved and avoid apparel that might reveal your midsection.

Even though these symptoms are entirely natural, they can be incredibly challenging to live with and affect every aspect of your life. However, you no longer have to endure these many challenges to your body and spirit. A mommy makeover can help restore your body, bringing it closer to its previous appearance and reigniting your confidence. The procedure includes several techniques designed to improve each of the areas most affected by childbearing, providing you with beautiful results. The surgery is safe, highly-effective, and extremely long-lasting. A consultation by Dr. Christopher Verbin at SB Aesthetics can quickly help you determine if you qualify.


Frequently Asked Questions

A mommy makeover is a single surgery that includes several specific procedures intended to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation for female patients. You will have only the surgeries that you need to achieve the results you want. Each surgery is wholly customized to your needs, making each treatment unique. However, every mommy makeover surgery will begin with a thorough consultation conducted by Dr. Christopher Verbin at SB Aesthetics. During your consult, he will carefully examine you, establish your goals and develop the best surgical plan for you, assessing all factors.

Mommy makeovers typically consist of a combination of surgeries which can improve the most common problems you will likely experience after childbearing. They often include:

Breast Lift

Stretched breast skin and elongated muscle is a natural result of pregnancy and lactation as a woman’s breasts expand to accommodate enlarged glands and the presence of breast milk. After a woman’s breasts stop making milk, they can quickly look and feel deflated and begin to droop and sag. While diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle will help improve your overall look, they will not alone resolve these problems. A breast lift is the most effective option.

During a breast lift, Dr. Christopher Verbin will carefully excise loose skin and tighten breast muscles to restore the position of the breasts as well as a pleasing breast shape. Excess fat can also be carefully removed to contribute to a satisfying final look. Scars, while inevitable, will be carefully concealed to provide the most beautiful look possible; they will also fade in time, further enhancing your look. The end result of surgery is breasts, which closely resemble your pre-childbearing appearance.

Breast Reduction

Often, women do not lose all of the breast volume they have gained during childbearing. Afterward, their breasts may remain larger than they were before. This is not always an unwelcome consequence. Some women prefer the fuller look they have after pregnancy; others do not. Larger breasts may also pose some unwanted problems for some women.

If you have very large breasts, this could begin to affect your posture, leading to neck and back pain. Skin-on-skin contact under the breasts can also lead to rashes, a source of continual discomfort. Large breasts may also simply not correspond with the look you wish to have or your lifestyle. Breast reduction can correct these concerns.

The surgery can remove excess skin, fat and glandular tissue to restore a pleasing breast appearance and reverse the breast concerns outlined above. After breast reduction, you will experience reduced strain on your back and have fewer skin problems, as well as more clothing options. Whether or not you have a breast lift along with your reduction, you will have much more attractive breasts after surgery.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck can address one of the most troubling aspects of your post-pregnancy body, the loose skin around your abdominal area. Abdominoplasty, as a tummy tuck is technically referred to, reduces loose skin, creating once again a smooth and flat abdominal appearance. The surgery also tightens muscles for more comprehensive and longer-lasting results.

While you can have a tummy tuck or liposuction (which we’ll discuss in a moment) alone or in combination, the two treatments pair well together. Liposuction can give women great results when skin laxity is minimal, but it may not provide enough rejuvenation in there is a significant amount of loose skin involved. Similarly, a tummy tuck alone may not achieve a woman’s desired results if there is too much excess fat present.


Excess fat, which is frequently unresponsive to a healthy lifestyle, can have a severe impact on your appearance and can be extremely frustrating. The problem can affect a wide area, including your abdomen, hips, flanks and buttocks. Even if you’re exceptionally fit, your body contours may not reflect the hard work you’ve put into your body. Further, skin reduction without fat extraction can leave you with incomplete results.

Liposuction can specifically address the problem of excess fat, safely and strategically. In the hands of a liposuction specialist, like Dr. Christopher Verbin at SB Aesthetics, you can have comprehensive results that improve every area affected by stubborn fat and you can enjoy exceptionally beautiful results. Your fat reduction will be highly and attractively tailored and, best of all, will be permanent.

Additional Mommy Makeover Options

Most women select from the above procedures when planning their mommy makeover surgery. However, you can also include a wide range of options safely, depending on your needs. This can help you boost your results and, by combining more treatments, you can also enjoy even greater convenience and help you enjoy your final look faster.

Here are common additional procedures you can include in your treatment if Dr. Verbin believes you qualify:

  • Lower body lift
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermal fillers

During your in-person consultation with Dr. Verbin, he will guide you through a complete treatment plan that can help improve all of your concerns, safely and immediately. However, you will always have the final say on which procedures you have and when.

What benefits does a mommy makeover offer?
A mommy makeover treatment offers you innumerable benefits. The advantages of the surgery include:

Each mommy makeover surgery is tailored to your unique concerns.

  • You can have substantial and lasting improvement to the areas most affected by childbearing — your breasts and abdomen
  • Your breasts will be lifted, firmer, better shaped and far more attractive after surgery
  • You will benefit from improved posture and reduced neck and back pain
  • You can increase your comfort by reducing nagging problems, such as skin rashes
  • You can enjoy permanent fat reduction, through liposuction
  • A single operation and recovery gives you maximum rejuvenation and convenience, quickly, in comparison to multiple surgeries
  • Your clothes will fit better and you will have more clothing options to choose from
  • You can enjoy renewed confidence and greater intimacy, without self-consciousness
  • Your improved appearance and renewed wellbeing can last for years
  • When you have your surgery performed by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Christopher Verbin, you can enjoy the utmost safety as well as exquisite results.

You will most likely qualify to have a mommy makeover, be able to have your procedure safely and get the results you want. As with all surgeries, however, you must meet a few qualifying criteria first. Probably the most essential requirement is that you must be in good, overall health before having treatment; this is crucial since the surgery is both invasive and extremely comprehensive. For smokers, quitting for several weeks before and after surgery is also critical.

Candidates for a mommy makeover must also have several of the symptoms that the surgery targets. These concerns include:

  • Excess, loose and sagging abdominal skin
  • Abdominal muscle laxity
  • Sagging, drooping or deflated breasts
  • Breasts that are larger than desired or out-of-proportion with your body
  • Nipples which are now pointing downward
  • Stubborn pockets of fat around the mid-section that you can’t get rid of
  • Stretch marks in the abdominal region

Good candidates for surgery must also be able to dedicate time to their recovery; this involves an in-depth recovery plan that Dr. Verbin will develop with you. After surgery, you will need to rely on support from family and loved ones, especially during the days immediately following your procedure. Women who plan their recovery well and focus on their healing can reduce their risk of complications, protect their treatment areas and even enhance their results.

Your consultation may be among the most critical aspects of your procedure. It is during this phase of treatment that you will share with Dr. Verbin both your concerns and the goals you hope your surgery will achieve. This is also where Dr. Verbin will begin planning your personalized course of treatment based on a thorough in-person examination. This ensures that your procedure precisely addresses your concerns, optimizing your results.

During your consultation, you will also be encouraged to ask Dr. Verbin any questions you have. Your comfort with your tailored plan and your confidence in having elective surgery are key. You also want to be sure you have selected a surgeon who you are completely confident can achieve your results and who agrees with your final look. Dr. Verbin will be clear about whether surgery can realize your goals, which treatments will offer you the greatest benefit and what the best strategy is to obtain your results.

Making an informed decision is one of the most significant contributors to satisfaction with your post-surgery results. Only when you clearly understand all your options can you select those most appropriate for your concerns and get the best possible results. Having realistic expectations about what surgery can accomplish is another major factor. A mommy makeover can achieve truly magnificent results but every not every goal is attainable. Few patients with realistic expectations are disappointed, however.

Dr. Verbin will also make sure that this is the right time to schedule your mommy makeover. You will get the longest-lasting results from your procedure if you have surgery after you have finished having children. Childbearing after surgery will most likely compromise the outcome of your procedure and require you to have a follow-up treatment later. By scheduling your surgery when you have had all your children, you can maximize your safety, convenience and outcome.

Recovery times and experiences will differ from patient to patient because no two surgeries are identical. Your surgery may have included more or fewer procedures than another patient. Still, recovery from a mommy makeover has many similarities, from surgery to surgery. Most patients should plan for between two and four weeks at home after surgery, for example. Dr. Verbin will give you a more precise estimate once you have established your precise course of treatment.

During your time at home, you will have natural and sensible limits on your physical activities and range of motion. Strenuous tasks, especially those that involve bending and twisting, will need to wait for a few weeks until your incisions have healed. If your job or childcare requires lifting anything heavy, you may need to seek out help with these tasks for the time being. Dr. Verbin will go over your detailed recovery plan with you, so you have the smoothest possible experience.

In most cases, the recovery from a mommy makeover will be substantially less than recovery from individual procedures if you elected to have them separately. Also, by focusing on your recovery and planning it well, you can minimize any complications which might prolong your time at home. Your ample caution while your incisions are still healing will be well rewarded by your visible results in a few short weeks.

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