Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Reduction utilizes light technology to destroy hair follicles at their roots, and therefore, incapacitate the follicle’s ability to regrow in the future. The laser’s light energy focuses on the pigment found within the hair follicle. The burst of energy is tunneled down from the tip of the hair follicle to its root, where the nutrients needed to create and nurture a hair follicle live. The burst of energy destroys the root of the hair (where it also holds the most pigment and therefore receives the highest amount of energy burst). The surrounding nutrients are also damaged, thus leaving the hair unable to grow in the future.

Because the laser focuses the energy on the pigment of the hair, those that have dark hair and light skin (the best contrast difference between hair and skin), often have the quickest results since the majority of the laser’s energy is focusing on the hair rather than being scattered against the skin. However, with today’s newest laser therapy, we can treat all skin types, including African American. However, for those with less contrast between hair and skin color, more sessions will be needed since the laser energy levels must be lower to avoid complications.

Most patents will need between 3 and 6 treatments of the area before full hair reduction can be achieved. The treatment is dependent upon the hair follicle being present at the time of treatment. Since our hair grows in cycles, approximately only a third of your hair will be present during each treatment. It is important to schedule your treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart to accurately treat the hair as it cycles. It is also important to not wax or pluck hair (although shaving is fine) six weeks prior to treatment. Both waxing and plucking remove the bulb of the hair follicle that the laser needs to accurately target the energy. It is also important to stop tanning at least 3 weeks prior to the treatments. The better the contrast between your skin and your hair, the better your results!

The procedure causes very little discomfort and patients will experience only temporary redness at the laser site. It is important to limit sun exposure and wear sunscreen after your treatments. Areas recently treated by the laser are more prone to burning with UV exposure.

If you have any questions regarding laser hair reduction, please feel free to contact our patient coordinator at 310-539-6500 or email her at

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