Forehead/Brow Rejuvenation

The upper face is refreshed and rejuvenated through a forehead and brow lift. The procedure is designed to accomplish several things. Primarily it is used to raise and reposition low brows. In doing this, some excess upper eyelid skin is taken up and repositioned. Forehead wrinkles and furrows are softened. Additionally, the frown lines (vertical lines between your eyebrows) will become much less prominent. The effect permanently mimics that of Botox treatments between the brows and across the forehead, while raising the brows and taking up the upper eyelid slack.*

In the past, this used to be done by making an incision over the top of the head from ear to ear either within the hairline or at the hairline. It is now approached through small hidden incisions within or at the hairline. The height of your forehead and hairline, the degree of forehead wrinkling, hair type, and your hair style all influence the choice of the best surgical approach for you.*

Endoscopic or extended endoscopic lifts (which includes the upper cheek) are done through small incisions within the hairline. The surgery is performed through an endoscope, which, although modified for use in plastic surgery, is the same instrument that is used in arthroscopic, laparoscopic, and other abdominal and orthopaedic procedures. It is a lighted tube with a television camera within it that the surgeon places through small incisions. The surgery site is viewed through a video screen and the instruments are guided by the video imagery. Utilizing long instruments, the surgery is carried down to and below the eyebrows to elevate and lift the forehead and eyebrows. In most cases, dividing and removing small portions of the muscles between the eyebrows is done to prevent frowning.

The only function of this muscle is to draw your eyebrows together and it is the prime source of frown lines. By sectioning this muscle, these lines will not deepen in the future, and they very often relax and are not as deep as before. The brows are then raised and suspended to their appropriate location.*

When a patient has a higher forehead or has very deep wrinkles and furrows, an Anterior Limited Incision approach is utilized. This is able to shorten the forehead while leaving well-camouflaged small scars at or just behind the hairline. By elevating the eyebrows, we very often alleviate the necessity of removing excess skin on the upper eyelids. Brow lifts are often done in conjunction with a facelift or other facial procedures.*

Brow lifts are performed under intravenous sedation in a private accredited outpatient surgical center. Postoperatively, there is very little pain, easily controlled by oral pain medication, and there may be a feeling of tightness and pulling which is temporary. There will be bruising around the eyes as well. This is most noticeable for 5-10 days, although you will feel quite well after a few days and may return to work within the first week.*

* Results may vary based patients’ specific situation.

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