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Like few other features, your breasts can enhance your femininity, convey your personality and individuality and contribute to overwhelming feelings of confidence. Because of the impact that your breast appearance can have on so many aspects of your life if you have problems with your breasts — or have begun to experience issues — the consequences can be devastating and inescapable.

Very large breasts can pose many inconveniences. For example, carrying extra weight in your upper torso can compromise your posture, leading to neck and back pain. Skin-on-skin contact under your breasts can also lead to rashes and irritation. You may also have a difficult time finding clothing that fits properly or feel embarrassed in situations which call for lighter clothing — such as visits to the beach or pool — because of your breast size.

However, large breasts are entirely natural. They can be either a product of your genes or simply a result of childbearing and breastfeeding, which are among womanhood’s greatest joys. However, if you have large breasts, and they have become a source of continual unhappiness for you, you can visit Dr. Christopher Verbin, today and have a breast reduction consultation. It can be your first step towards a whole new you.

Breast reduction surgery is a well-understood, safe and highly-effective treatment for large breasts. The procedure can create breasts that are once again comfortable and attractive, fit your lifestyle and express your genuine personality and spirit. When you select a plastic surgeon to perform your treatment, like Dr. Christopher Verbin, your exquisite results can provide years of problem-free results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast reduction can provide you with many substantial benefits. During the procedure, more formally known as mammoplasty, Dr. Verbin can safely eliminate the glandular tissue and fat that is responsible for your large breasts. At the same time, he also can excise redundant skin to reshape your new breasts attractively. Large areolas can also be reduced in size during surgery. After your procedure, you will have smaller, lighter breasts, which are lifted, with more proportional nipple sizes. Your beautiful breast shape will not be the only reward; the problems you experienced with your larger breasts will also be eliminated through treatment. With increased comfort and a satisfying result, you will also feel more at ease in social situations, enjoy a brighter outlook and have the enhanced wellbeing you deserve.

If you feel unhappy about your breasts because of their size, a breast reduction can help. Large breasts can pose a number of physical problems and also create underlying emotional distress, which can affect your mood, relationships and wellbeing. If you have one or even more of these symptoms today, schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher Verbin, to discuss a breast reduction.

Breast reduction treats many common problems associated with large breasts, including:

  • Poor posture
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Skin problems, such as rashes or irritation, around the breasts
  • Difficulty exercising due to breast size
  • Lifestyle limitations, such as difficulty finding clothing that fits
  • Undesired attention because of your breasts
  • Negative comments from others
  • Low self-esteem attributable to breast size

If you currently have any of these problems, you can find relief through breast reduction, and insurance may cover a portion or all of your costs. However, a proper diagnosis requires a full, in-person examination Dr. Christopher Verbin. The surgeon will assess your overall health and your specific concerns and listen carefully to your goals for surgery. Based on these factors, he will carefully plan your tailored course of treatment.

On average, the procedure requires approximately three hours of surgery time, though this varies from patient-to-patient depending on the specifics of your surgery. Your surgery may even be shorter. When you arrive for your surgery, Dr. Verbin’s friendly practice staff will great you and take you to the operating room, where you will be prepped for surgery. First, you will be sedated, using the form of anesthesia Dr. Verbin believes will keep you safest and most comfortable during your procedure. Next, your surgical areas will be cleansed and the paths of your incisions will be marked by the surgeon. Once all preparations have been completed, Dr. Verbin will perform the augmentations you need.

After surgery, Dr. Verbin will transfer you to a recovery area until your anesthesia has begun to wear off. Dr. Verbin will then assess your condition before clearing you to return home; this ensures your complete safety. You will need a friend or loved one to drive you home after surgery since the remaining effects of sedation will prevent you from transporting yourself. It will also help if you have someone at home who can assist you the remainder of the day. You will also leave the surgery center with a copy of your post-operative instructions, which Dr. Verbin will already have reviewed with you prior to surgery.

Dr. Verbin typically uses the “lollipop” incision technique when performing breast reduction for his patients. This technique involves creating a vertical incision from the areola to the lower breast crease, which gives Dr. Verbin the greatest access to breast tissues so that all necessary augmentations can be performed easily. The incision also passes around the areola, which gives the technique its name. This approach has the advantage of keeping the blood supply to the nipple complex intact; this allows Dr. Verbin to reposition the nipple safely, minimize complications and ensure a satisfying look after surgery.

A common concern among women considering breast reduction is scarring. After all, women seek breast reduction to improve the appearance of their breasts, in part, and scarring might mar those results. While scarring is an unavoidable aspect of any surgery, Dr. Verbin makes every effort to ensure that your scars heal well and naturally, minimizing their impact on your final look. Additionally, all scars soften and fade with time; this will help further enhance your look. Most women find that the tremendous advantages that breast reduction offers far outweigh the drawbacks of having some visual scar tissue remaining after surgery.

Breast reduction recovery is generally very comfortable for most patients. You will be able to manage post-surgery pain, which is a natural result of any surgery, easily with oral pain medications. However, you should plan to take a week off from work, parenting or school responsibilities to focus on your recovery. Taking time to rest reduces the likelihood of stressing your incisions and compromising your results. After the first week, you can slowly begin resuming your normal activities. But it will be five weeks before you can return to more strenuous aspects of your routine, such as working out and playing sports. Your investment in your recovery will pay great rewards in the form of complication-free results, however.

Breast reduction patients are often Dr. Verbin’s happiest ones. The surgery provides you with not only a more aesthetically pleasing result but also significantly improved physical comfort, delivering relief from many medical problems associated with heavy breasts. It also provides you with a well-deserved boost of wellbeing. You will finally get to wear the clothes you love again, so you can fully express your personality and spirit. Even more importantly, emotional factors — such as stress and anxiety that were also a symptom of your large breasts — will quickly fade. You will discover that increased satisfaction with your look directly translates into greater ease in a variety of social situations and even improved intimacy with your partner. The surgery also provides exceptionally long-lasting results; most patients who have a breast reduction procedure never need to have a follow-up surgery.

Since breast reduction relieves chronic pain and offers greater wellbeing — in addition to producing significant cosmetic improvements — your insurance may cover the costs of your surgery. Dr. Verbin will happily provide you with the pre-certification request necessary to determine if your insurance will provide you with these benefits. Please be aware that we are out-of-network providers for all insurance plans, and as such, insurance payments will be reflected as outlined by your insurance’s out-of-network benefits.

Additionally, your insurance provider may require proof that your large breasts have been burdensome to you and resulted in ongoing health problems. Again, Dr. Verbin will happy to provide you and your insurance provider with evidence of these concerns, based on his in-person evaluation and medical experience, so that you can qualify for coverage. Your insurance may also require you to have a minimum amount of breast tissue removed during your surgery. Dr. Verbin does not want the issue of payment to cause you additional stress and will help make qualifying for insurance as easy as possible for you.

Why You Should Have Your Breast Reduction Performed by Dr. Christopher Verbin at SB Aesthetics

Raised in Southern California, Dr. Verbin completed his training at the University of Southern California and UCLA Medical Center, cum laude, receiving his medical degree from George Washington University. Prior to his surgical training, Dr. Verbin’s passions included classic automobile restoration, where beauty, extreme attention to detail and exceptionally high-standards of perfection are all critical factors.

Since completing his training, Dr. Verbin has performed over 10,000 successful surgeries. These procedures have improved all areas of the body and a wide range of concerns for both his male and female patients. His surgical experience extends far beyond cosmetic procedures, as well. His work has included trauma, cardiovascular, endoscopic, pediatric as well as general surgery treatments. Patients who select Dr. Verbin for their breast reduction can have complete confidence in their safety and results.

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Dr. Christopher Verbin has helped countless women regain their comfort, look and confidence through breast reduction surgery. This straightforward surgery provides transformative results for qualifying patients. If you believe you are a good candidate for the procedure, schedule your in-person consultation with Dr. Verbin today. During your office visit, you will receive your fully-customized surgical plan, have all your questions and begin having the treatment you deserve. Your insurance may also cover the costs of your procedure.

A gorgeous look begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Christopher Verbin today at SB Aesthetics. You can call the practice today at 310-539-6500 to secure your appointment. You have waited long enough to feel good about your body and can enjoy significant and long-lasting relief now. Dr. Verbin looks forward to helping you look and feel great again. We hope to see you soon.

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