Is Hand Rejuvenation For You?

While it may not be something that you think about or notice on a daily basis, your hands age just like the skin on the rest of your body – and in fact, may even succumb to the effects of age a bit faster. Besides wear and tear from everyday use, chronically dry skin and sun damage can also affect the appearance of the skin on the back of your hands. Combined with the passage of time and natural loss of volume, and suddenly, your skin starts to look loose and crepey, and your bones, veins and tendons appear more prominent. It won’t matter how diligent you’ve been about caring for the skin on your face, aging hands will give your true age away. At South Bay Aesthetics, we offer nonsurgical (and surgical) hand rejuvenation to fix those issues. Just a few minutes in our office, and you can be on your way with smoother, more youthful hands. Or, if you have surgical plans, it’s a prime opportunity to use some of your own fat and stem cells to make lasting youthful changes.

Why Choose Hand Rejuvenation?

Sun beaten skin, thinned out hands showing tendons and veins? Filling in beneath the skin with an easily injected filler – Radiesse or Restylane Lyft -helps camoflauge blue veins and tendons beneath while lasers and skin peels and an exceptional cosmeceutical can breath new youthfulness into your hands so they look as youthful and complimenting to your face. With a simple and easy office visit – and after a touch of swelling or a small bruise, you can relish the results for up to a year or more

When this happens on your face, we use injectable fillers to increase volume and smooth drooping skin. Now, the same fillers that boost volume in your face can do the same for your hands.

How Does Hand Rejuvenation Work?

Injectable fillers are popular in the face, lips etc but they are also effective at treating aging hands. At South Bay Aesthetics, Dr. Verbin uses Restylane Lyft and Radiesse (or your own fat) to plump up hands that suffer from volume loss. Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler typically used to treat facial folds and wrinkles, as well as to add volume and lift to your cheeks. Radiesse is a derivitive of a bone mineral and calcium phosphate and carried in a gel to soften and rejuvenate the hand in similar ways to Restylane – it was the first to be approved as an injectable for hand rejuvenation.

Hand rejuvenation using fillers is a simple and quick procedure done right in our office. After Dr. Verbin places a few carefully and meticulously situated injections into the back of your hands, you can be on your way to your next errand. The treatment is virtually painless, and leaves no scarring, and it requires no downtime for recovery.

Your own fat cells, together with your stem calls can be harvested and injected in a similar fashion, but a minor surgery with local anesthesia is needed to do a mini liposuction to remove enough to transplant to the back of your hands and fingers – it’s a bit more swelling and a small local procedure that takes a little more time for your hands to get to their best, but the fat and stem cells grafted carry on giving long term rejuvenation. I recently saw a patient of mine who was still very pleased with the improvement in her hands – 14 years after! And another patient recently 6 years out from her hands ( I did in conjunction with her facelift) and was still loving them. Fat that takes well does wonders over the years.

If you are looking for quick, noninvasive ways to get back a softer shape and fuller volume in your hands, or a minor session of fat/stem cell grafting with a bit more downtime and cost for the prospect of sustained results, look no further than hand rejuvenation at South Bay Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery. Call us today at 310-539-6500 for further questions or to schedule a consultation.

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