New Study Shows Higher Satisfaction Rate with Board Certified Experts

July 12, 2012

Written by Christopher Verbin

A patient looking to find a bargain on cosmetic procedures is nothing new. However, with the growing accessibility of the internet, finding deals has become easier than ever.  Popular sites and apps are making it as easy as pushing a button on your phone to receive rock-bottom prices for Botox and even liposuction. With the clock ticking on these auction-style discount sites, patients may find themselves falling into a gamblers’ mentality; fearing if they don’t act fast, they will lose the deal. But at what price are you really paying for these deals and who is performing the procedure?

According to a recent study by, there is a greater satisfaction rate when patients chose a board-certified expert to perform their chosen procedure. For one of the most popular treatments, Botox, patients that chose board-certified experts were 27% more satisfied than those who didn’t.  Thinking of purchasing fillers from a discount site without a specialized doctor? Positive results were up to 36% higher with a board-certified aesthetics physician.

The findings for elective surgery were no different. One of the most notable procedures was liposuction. There was a 92% patient satisfaction rate with board-certified core aesthetic physicians.  Non-certified physicians saw only a 71% satisfaction rate. Many patients interested in eyelid surgery are increasingly turning to doctors from other fields of medicine due to cheap pricing. This is showing an 18% decrease in patient satisfaction.  Breast implants, rhinoplasty and facelifts also saw a substantial decrease in satisfaction rates when not performed by board-certified aesthetic experts.

Many patients are not aware that doctors can legally perform procedures that they are not specialized in.  That means a gynecologist can perform liposuction. A family physician can administer Botox. Only physicians that are ASPS board-certified in plastic surgery have at least 6 years of specialized surgical training, with 3 years specifically in plastic surgery, and continued annual training on the latest techniques. Researching your surgeon, nurse or physician’s assistant is often over-looked when such deep discounts are presented and time is winding down. As it has been said many times before, you get what you pay for.

The study from, which analyzed tens of thousands of consumer reviews, is the first of its kind proving that when it comes to your appearance not all physicians are created equal. Pricing for injectectables and surgical procedures are set not only in consideration of inherent costs but also for the expertise and training of the physician’s hands you are in. When trying to be a smart aesthetics consumer, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and you’ll likely remain a satisfied one as well!

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