The IGuide

July 28, 2010

written by Christopher Verbin

I just spent the day observing surgery and learning the new iGuide procedure to tighten the neck with no scars, minimal downtime, and performed under only local anesthesia! Wow – I’m not easily impressed, but I feel that this procedure, developed and just launched,  will forever change the way I operate on faces and necks. It not only gives the results needed to treat a wide spectrum of patients of all ages, but also provides a quick recovery. I have to say that the IGuide is the best new technology in the Plastic realm so far in 2010.

The IGuide provides a Trampoline Platsymaplasty — a novel approach that changes the paradigm of neck lifting. This minimally invasive procedure done under a local anesthetic delivers a lasting neck rejuvenation with fast recovery and minimal downtime. Through a series of punctures, a shoelace interlacing suspension of sutures snug up the underlying neck muscles. Additional liposuction of the neck, with tunneling beneath the skin, allows correction of laxity and even can repair liposuction deformities.

I’m very excited about this new technique and am looking forward to providing its advantages to my patients.

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