The Perfect Butt, Someday Soon

It’s Saturday morning. And, unfortunately, it is the Saturday morning that Alice has been dreading for a few weeks now. Her friends, eager to get the summer started after an unusually “cold” California winter, planned a beach day a few weeks ago. It wasn’t even technically summer yet, and Alice already missed the fall weather that allowed her to stack layers and layers of thick clothing wherever she went. As she laid in bed for a few more minutes, an advertisement for a cute, red bikini popped up on her social feed.

It was the kind of bikini she had only ever dreamed of wearing, one that showed off a lot more skin than she was comfortable with. Despite being six months into a new fitness routine and being in the best shape of her life, Alice still felt like her new body wouldn’t look flattering in a bikini that brought so much attention to her derriere. After all, all the dieting and squatting in the world hadn’t done much to add any volume to her butt, and to pull off a bikini like this, you’d need a butt worth drawing attention to. Not to mention, there were still a few stubborn pockets of fat around her waist that refused to be evicted along with the other pounds she lost.

“Someday, hopefully soon,” she thinks to herself, shutting her phone screen off and getting up out of bed to get ready for the long beach day ahead. She walks to the closet and peruses around for the new one-piece bathing suit she bought earlier in the week. It shows off her upper torso nicely, and with a nice pair of shorts to cover up her slightly exposed backside, she might just manage to forget about her butt woes for the day.

Beach Day, And Some Key Advice

An hour and a half later and Alice is surrounded by her closest friends and the all-too-familiar ambient beach sounds: kids running around in the water, waves crashing the shore, birds zipping by and gawking at any hint of food — as she took it all in, Alice was surprised that she wasn’t as disgruntled about being at the beach as she used to be. She felt good in her swimsuit and her new and improved body.

“All that work you put in really paid off,” says Alice’s friend, Serina. “You look so good!” The compliment gave Alice a bit of ego-boost. She had worked hard for her results and would be lying if she said she wasn’t happy they were being noticed, especially at the beach, where her self-confidence used to be at an all-time low.

“Thanks! I still have a little further to go, but I feel really good,” Alice responded. Before Serina had a chance to continue the conversation, one of the guys in their group yelled at everyone to come to the water. Excitedly, the other three girls peeled off their t-shirts and shorts, revealing the trendy two-piece bikinis they were all hiding underneath. A quick pang of panic hit Alice. She wasn’t comfortable enough to take off her shorts, but it was also a little impractical to jump into the ocean in fitted denim.

“All this progress, and I still don’t want to show it off,” Alice thought to herself. Just as she was about to announce an excuse to avoid the water, Serina yelled out to the group.

“You all go ahead!” Serina shouted. “Alice and I will stay back and watch our stuff.” After a quick moment of grunting from the rest of their friends, they quickly turned around and jumped into the water. Alice took a seat on one of the chairs underneath their umbrellas, and Serina came and sat next to her shortly after.

“I’m surprised you don’t want to be out there showing off your new body,” Serina says casually, looking out toward the ocean. “I thought this was exactly the kind of thing you were working so hard for.” Alice had confided a lot in Serina about her weight loss journey. Serina knew Alice had always felt uncomfortable at pool parties or beach days or any event or weather that didn’t allow for more than one layer of clothing.

“I just have a little more work to do,” Alice says. “And, if I am being honest, I still haven’t been able to make any significant improvement around my butt or waist. I feel great about the progress I’ve made so far, but I think I’ve kind of hit a plateau.” Serina pondered for a second and nodded. Alice had told her before that she wished she had a fuller butt that matched the rest of her figure.

“You know, not everyone can get their ideal body with dieting and exercise alone,” Serina says. “You should really look into getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. You’ve been at this new routine for months, and the results are obvious. If you need a little extra help getting to the finish line and to a point where you feel confident, you should get it. I think you’ve worked hard enough and deserve it.”

The Perfect Candidate

Later that night, Alice curls into bed and slides her phone open. As she is looking at all the photos her friends posted, she gets the same advertisement for the red bikini. She saves the link to the bikini in her notes and does a quick search: what is a brazilian butt lift?

To her surprise, she gets a result from an office she recognizes: South Bay Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center in Torrance, CA. She clicks on the result and reads all about the procedure. She learns about how a Brazilian Butt Lift is performed with her own fat, so there are no implants and no chance of her body rejecting the procedure, and she finds out that more than 28,000 Brazilian Butt Lifts were performed in 2019 by men and women in her exact shoes.

She also reads about how this procedure can increase the volume of her butt while also removing stubborn pockets of fat throughout her body. For a split second, she looks down at her subtle love handles and gets excited about the idea of finally getting rid of them.

And, as it turns out, she might also be a great candidate. She is in good health, does not smoke, has maintained her current body weight and doesn’t expect the procedure to provide any miracles, just a subtle increase in derriere volume and a more contoured figure. She reaches the bottom of the page and fills out the contact form for more information.

“Why not?” Alice thinks to herself. “It’s close by, and I don’t have to commit to anything.” After filling out the contact sheet, she rolls over to fall asleep, and the next thing she knows, she is reading an email in the morning from Dr. Verbin’s office, asking when a good time to come in for a consultation would be. She sets up an appointment for a few days later and is asked to bring along any questions or concerns.

The Initial Consultation

Throughout the week, Alice keeps an eye on South Bay Aesthetic’s Instagram page. She scrolls through informative photos of various procedures and results and even finds that they are having a sale on Brazilian Butt Lifts this month. “That’s pretty good timing,” she thinks to herself at breakfast the morning of her consultation.

An hour or so later, she finds herself inside the cozy office. It doesn’t feel like any doctor’s office she has been to before — the room is warm and inviting, and the staff is pleasant and happy to see her. Before long, she is brought back into a room where she will be seen by Dr. Verbin. When he arrives and introduces himself, he encourages her to tell him what her aesthetic goals are. She explains that she has been maintaining weight loss and fitness for months now but still couldn’t seem to get her final goals alone.

She is assured that many people feel the exact same way Alice does. After conducting a physical examination, Alice is also reassured that her aesthetic goals can be achieved through a Brazilian Butt Lift. She learns that the fat from her love handles (and even the last bit of stubborn fat in her belly) can be removed via liposuction, processed and reintroduced into the butt for a fuller appearance. Dr. Verbin even tells her that he can liposuction a bit of fat from beneath her buttocks to create an even more defined derriere.

Alice, trying to contain her excitement, remembers the questions she has and feels more comfortable when Dr. Verbin takes his time to explain the procedure’s details and provide answers to all of her concerns. He even talks to her about her favorite California beach spots to visit, and she learns that Dr. Verbin has performed more than 10,000 surgical procedures and is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Ultimately, Alice gets a quote for the cost of the procedure and ultimately decides to book her Brazilian Butt Lift.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

In the weeks leading up to her procedure, Alice gets a little nervous and finds out that she forgot to ask a few questions at the consultation. She decides to give Dr. Verbin a call and feels a lot better when the staff happily answers her forgotten questions and helps ease her about the process.

Alice decides to give Serina a call a few days before her surgery to let her know that she took her advice.

“That’s so good to hear!” Serina says. “You definitely deserve it, and I’ve heard really good things about Dr. Verbin.” The two of them talk about the details of the procedure, and Serina even offers to drive Alice to and from her surgery that day since she won’t be able to drive herself.

“You can pay me back when I finally go in for my breast augmentation,” Serina laughs. When they hang up the phone, Alice goes to the link she saved of the red bikini and orders it, excitedly, thinking of the day in a few short months when she would be able to show it off.

On the morning of the procedure, Alice and Serina head to the surgical location to check-in. A few minutes later, Alice is called back into the surgical room as Serina tells her good luck and that she will see her in a couple of hours. After a short wait in the room, Dr. Verbin arrives and asks Alice how she is feeling. They talk a bit about the procedure and what is going to happen during the surgery. Dr. Verbin makes a few marks along Alice’s body to pinpoint the areas that are being addressed.

Alice is then taken to the procedure room, where she is given general anesthesia. She is asked to count backward from ten, and before she reaches five, she is in a deep, sedated sleep. She looks down at her waist right before nodding off, seeing her stubborn love handles for the last time.

This Weekend, Instead

Before she knows it, she is woken up in the recovery room. Her body is a little sore, but nowhere near as bad as she was expecting. Her waist and bottom are wrapped in bandages, and by the time she is able to fully get adapted to her surroundings, she hears Serina’s voice greeting her.

“Looks like everything went according to plan,” Serina says. “How do you feel?” Serina looked down at the bandaging that covered Alice’s body.

“I feel like I have a much bigger butt,” Alice says, realizing that she was lying on her side. As she looks over her hips, Dr. Verbin comes into the room and confirms that everything went perfectly. He gives her a list of instructions to follow during her recovery as well as a prescription for pain medication to help with some of the side effects.

During the first couple of days, her body has some minor pain and swelling, but everything she read about Brazilian Butt Lift recovery and the instructions from Dr. Verbin say this is normal. She takes the medication as needed and finds that she no longer has any substantial pain or discomfort by the end of the first week.

Alice makes sure to avoid sitting on her butt for the first two weeks since she was told it could cause the newly placed fat to shift and dislodge. As she carefully gets up to look in the mirror, she sees the beginning of a new full, contoured figure. The scars of the procedure are already beginning to disappear and become virtually invisible when they disappear into the folds of her butt cheeks.

All in all, it takes about eight weeks for Alice’s body to fully recover. On her last follow-up appointment, Dr. Verbin says that the scarring will continue to fade with time and that she can resume her usual activities and routines. The Brazilian Butt Lift did precisely what Alice had hoped: she looked in awe at her much more voluminous butt and contoured hips. She wasn’t sad to see the love handles go or the new butt arrive and has never felt this confident in her own skin.

She thanks everyone at the office one last time and walks out. On the way to her car, she checks her phone and finds a message from her friend group reading: beach day next weekend?

When she gets home, she heads to her closet and pulls out a small package underneath a pile of laundry. She opens it and pulls out the red bikini, trying it on for the first time. Alice smiles, opens up her phone and responds to the group chat.

How about we go this weekend instead?

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