Ultherapy May Be Coming to South Bay Aesthetics

June 27, 2011

written by Christopher Verbin

What is Ultherapy? Ultherapy is a new treatment for the face and neck that lifts, tightens and tones the skin using non-invasive ultrasound energy. Not only are the results visable after the first treatment, but Ultherapy also causes the body to create new collegen for gradual results. In this procedure that only takes 30-60 minutes to perform, the body’s own healing response is used to restore memory to the skin and tissue. In the FDA clinical trial, patients reported significant lift to the eyebrow, giving a more youthful appearance, as well as firmer skin in other areas of the face and neck. If you don’t have the downtime for surgery, or prefer more gradual results, than Ultherapy may be the non-surgical option for you.

We are excited to try out Ultherapy today here at our office.  We will keep you updated on our results and when this ground-breaking procedure may be available to all of our valued patients.

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