Why Would I Get BBL Instead of Implants?

Any kind of surgery is a big deal, and you should carefully weigh all your options when deciding between two surgeries that promise to offer similar results. For this reason, it is common for men and women who are considering buttock (gluteal) augmentation to struggle with whether they should go with implants or fat grafting.

When fat grafting is used, it is commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift, and it has quickly become the preferred method for many plastic surgeons because of how safe and effective of a procedure it is.

To give you an idea of how much more popular a BBL is over butt implants, we can take a look at the 2019 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which shows that more than 28,000 BBLs were performed throughout last year by ASPS members.

That same report shows that less than a thousand buttock implants were performed in that last year.

So why is there such a difference between these two statistics? The answer is that there are a ton of reasons why fat grafting (i.e. a Brazilian Butt Lift) is a much better enhancement option.

1. You Will Have More Natural Results

The most obvious and easy to understand is that fat grafting just produces much more natural-appearing results for patients. Many people are drawn to the drastic change that implants can produce, but when they start to look around at different photos of results, they eventually come to the conclusion that the artificially enhanced appearance is not something they prefer.

A Brazilian Butt Lift from South Bay Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center uses your own fat to increase the fullness of your bottom. This means that when the results settled, the likelihood of anyone being able to tell you had a procedure performed is much less likely.

2. Your Results Will Be More Comprehensive

The fat that you use for your Brazilian Butt Lift comes from your own body, which means that problematic areas like the thighs, waist or belly can also be addressed by Dr. Verbin during the fat harvesting process.

Why does that matter? Well, after your recovery, you’ll also have a slimmer overall contour to compliment that new derriere since you will have removed a substantial amount of fat. It also means that you can trim down the amount of recovery, downtime and cost if you were planning on eventually having liposuction performed in other areas of your body anyway.

3. There Is No Chance of Implant Rejection

Whenever you undergo a surgery that includes implants, you are running the chance of several risks developing. One of those risks is that your body will, on its own, reject the implant that was placed into your anatomy.

This can cause a host of different issues, including pain and discomfort. Fat transfer runs none of these risks since the material that is used comes from your own body.

4. There Is No Chance of Displacement

You use your bottom a lot. Driving, eating, resting, sleeping, working… chances are you rely on your butt to support you a little bit during all these activities. This is why butt augmentation runs a higher risk of implant displacement than other implants like breast or chin, especially in the early stages of recovery.

5. There Is No Chance of Capsular Contracture

Just like displacement and rejection, capsular contracture is another potential issue that can arise from the placement of implants.

This condition develops when the scar tissue that naturally develops around the implant squeezes too tightly on the implant and surrounding skin, causing distortion of the skin and tissue.

This condition can only develop when you have implants, so you can save yourself this risk by opting into the fat transfer technique instead.

6. There Is No Chance You’ll Need an Implant Replacement

Butt implants are different in structure to breast implants, which are prone to rupture and tearing because they are filled with a solution. Butt implants are made of flexible silicone material that can withstand supporting your weight.

While this is great for the implant, it does mean that the results the implants provide are more rigid and solid than breast implants. Because of this, it is possible that the extensive changes you experience may be a little too much for your taste.

There are pros and cons in regard to longevity with both implants and fat transfer. Buttock implants typically need replacing around 10 years for patients who experience a regular amount of implant wear and tear.

In these cases, patients have to seek out implant removal or replacement, which is an entirely new surgical procedure to undergo. Many of these patients then choose to go forward with the Brazilian Butt Lift to get the natural, voluminous appearance they were seeking to begin with.

The results of a BBL can last several decades but are also subject to the natural aging process. So while it is possible to maintain your BBL results for a long period of time, you may need some form of skin tightening procedure as you age to maintain your results.

7. There Is a Reduced Risk of Infection

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a less invasive procedure than a butt augmentation with implants because the former does not require any extensive incisions. All you need for a Brazilian Butt Lift is a cannula to inject fat into the buttocks after it is harvested.

When you undergo a buttock augmentation, you are required to get incisions to allow the surgeon to insert the implant. The proximity to these incisions to the rectum, especially when they are placed between the buttocks, can increase the likelihood of infection.

8. You Will Have a Less Painful Recovery 

Considering that butt augmentation is a more extensive procedure, your recovery after this surgery is likely to be more extensive than a Brazilian Butt Lift. The average amount of downtime for both BBL and augmentation with implants ranges from 10 to 14 days, but the smaller wounds generally mean you will have less pain and discomfort from the procedure.

9. You Will Have Less Scarring

The incisions that are used for butt augmentation with implants can be pretty discreet, but that doesn’t always mean the scarring will always be invisible. Regardless of where your surgeon positions your incisions, it is possible that the scars will be noticeable.

Only incisions small enough to insert a small thin tube into the buttocks are made during a Brazilian Butt Lift. These incisions typically heal incredibly well and are virtually invisible after the recovery process.

If you would like more information on why a Brazilian Butt Lift might be a better option for your aesthetic procedure, or if you would like to get started on your BBL process now, give South Bay Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center a call today at 310-539-6500 or fill out our online consultation form.

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